History of the Ambition brand

Class, elegance and usability


Creation of the AMBITION brand


The Ambition brand is expanding to the HoReCa segment


Expansion of the product range with china, pots and kitchen accessories


Introduction of the brand to foreign markets


Ambition is a sponsor of the culinary show Hell's Kitchen, broadcast on POLSAT channel.


"Promotion of cuisine" – a nationwide lottery of the Ambition brand.



Ambition is a Polish brand which made its debut in 2004, with excellent cutlery from high quality stainless steel. Cutlery is presented in two lines: the dynamic, yet classic Napoli set, reminiscent of a gust of wind and coastal waves of Naples, and the Verona set, elegant and romantic like the city of lovers from which it took its name

Encouraged by the success, we have expanded the range of products suitable for frequent use and for special occasions.

Ambition in the media

Ambition is an active partner of the Polish Academy of Gastronomy.